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Demolition Surveys

To ensure asbestos will not be disturbed during demolition.

A demolition survey is a fully destructive survey with the aim of identifying the location of all asbestos within a building. Under Regulation 5 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations (2012), asbestos present within the scope of works must be identified, and if no assessment (demolition survey) has been carried out, then asbestos must be presumed to be present throughout the building. A management survey is not sufficient to enable any intrusive works into the fabric of the building (no matter how small). If asbestos is disturbed, and you do not have an adequate refurbishment or demolition survey, you could face prosecution by the HSE if you instructed the works, and worse, end up with a criminal record. A demolition survey must be thorough and fully intrusive, which means it will be very destructive. Helpfully if asbestos has been identified, we can help you project manage removal works.


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