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Case Study 1 - Cement Manufacturing Plant

A major industrial compliance project.


We were recommended to our client to implement a full compliance programme to bring all aspects of asbestos management up to date. As is so often the case, they had been previously let down by a previous supplier, who had failed to identify most of the asbestos on their site. The site itself comprised a major heavy industrial plant comprising a quarry, 100m high preheater tower, rock and cement milling plant, a 70m rotary kiln and a multitude of conveyors and silos across a 60 acre site.


On award of the contract, the first action we took was to implement an asbestos management plan to ensure that effective procedures and control of works were in place from the outset, to prevent workers disturbing asbestos. Following this, we produced accurate drawings of the site using laser measuring equipment, so that every room (over 500 in number) within the plant could have a unique identifying number and be easy to identify on the drawings. We also researched the “pre-calciner” cement manufacturing process to understand the purpose and function of each piece of equipment within the plant to ensure that the asbestos register would be as accurate and useful as possible to the client. With accurate drawings and a technical understanding of the plant, we could commence with a full asbestos management survey of the plant, to identify the exact location and type of asbestos present within the buildings. Each item of asbestos was risk assessed based on its type, condition and the exposure risk presented to building occupants. This then allowed a table of priority for action to be included in the asbestos management plan, so that the plant management could take action for the highest risk asbestos first. In addition to the asbestos management survey, asbestos dutyholder training was provided to all managers on the site which proved to be a game changer in the approach made towards preparing for asbestos risks before maintenance and repair works commenced. An asbestos awareness training programme was also commenced for maintenance staff, to start a full cultural change towards asbestos management.

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