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Case Study 2 - Hotel, Country Club and Estate

Ensuring compliance for a leading hotel and leisure facility

We were successful in a tender process to implement a full asbestos management compliance package for a major hotel within a large country estate. The estate features a main house built during the 18th century, and underwent conversion to a hotel and country club in the mid 1970's. Following further extensions in the 1980's and 1990's the hotel now features over 200 bedrooms, with extensive leisure and conference facilities. On award of this contract, the first action we took was to implement an asbestos management plan to ensure that effective procedures and control of works were in place from the outset, to prevent workers disturbing asbestos.

Following this, a full asbestos management survey of the hotel was conducted. Every room in the hotel was inspected to ensure that no possible asbestos containing materials would be missed, and that the exact location and type of asbestos present within the buildings would be accurately recorded. Fortunately no asbestos was identified within any of the guest areas thus minimising potential exposure or disruption to guests. Some low risk asbestos was identified in plant areas. Each item of asbestos was risk assessed based on its type, condition and the exposure risk presented to building occupants. This then allowed a table of priority for action to be included in the updated asbestos management plan, so that the hotel management could take action for the highest priority asbestos first.

In addition to the asbestos management survey, asbestos awareness training was provided to all maintenance staff on the estate. In addition to the asbestos register, we also provided a web based asbestos register so that staff may quickly check to see if a room contains asbestos before they carry out maintenance works. We have been engaged to return to the estate on an annual basis to carry out condition inspections, refresh asbestos training, and management plan review and updates.

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