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An Overview of Asbestos Removal

Due to the high risks to health presented by asbestos it is essential that removal works are carried out by competent contractors. The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 categorize asbestos work with certain products into licensed and non-licensed categories, ensuring that only competent personnel handle materials that pose a high risk of fibre release. You must never try to remove asbestos yourself, you may contaminate your building or your home with deadly asbestos dust for decades.

Licensed Works

High-risk asbestos-containing materials (ACMs), such as sprayed coatings, asbestos insulation board, and asbestos insulation, must be managed only by specially licensed contractors. This includes all processes except minor works and encapsulation when the materials are in good condition. We often audit these licensed works to ensure adherence to method statements and correct procedures.

Non-Licensed Works

ACMs with a lower potential to release fibres, such as asbestos cement and floor tiles, can be removed by non-licensed contractors, provided they comply with the required risk assessments and method statements and have appropriate training for handling such materials.

Independence of Surveyors and Removal Companies

It is essential that the asbestos surveyor and the removal company are fully independent. This separation ensures unbiased assessments and prevents any potential conflicts of interest, thus safeguarding the integrity of the removal process.

Notifications and Compliance

Licensed works require contractors to submit an ASB5 notification form to authorities like HSE at least 14 days before work begins. Certain non-licensed works also necessitate notification through the ASBNNLW1 form if the work could deteriorate the materials involved. ARC offers guidance on compliance requirements.

Safety and Monitoring

After any licensed asbestos removal, an independent analyst must be used to carry out four stage clearance testing to ensure the environment is safe for re-occupation.

In conclusion, the stringent regulation of asbestos removal protects workers, residents, and the environment from the hazards posed by asbestos. Compliance with method statements, risk assessments, and proper training are crucial, as is the independence of surveyors and removal companies, which helps maintain the integrity and safety of these processes.

ARC are also trusted auditors for the renowned Assure 360 health and safety auditing system. We carry out comprehensive audits of all types of asbestos processes from removal to asbestos compliance using this powerful resource which is used by companies across the UK.


Whilst our company does not carry out removal, please feel free to contact us for an independent asbestos removal audit of your contractor, and we can help ensure your contractors are removing your asbestos properly.


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